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ALizee and Harry 2 dogs





Tulip Image- Day 2. The Progression.

 It was a low light, windy, rainy, cloudy day.  Comments Welcome. It was the best I could pull out for the conditions.

Tulips…. The Beginning

The beginning Tulips

The Twin Peaks

Mt Meeker 13,911' and Longs Peak 14,255'

Mt Meeker 13,911′ and Longs Peak 14,255′

This is a view I never get sick of and can’t stop photographing.  Took these yesterday on my bikes ride.

Mt Meeker 13,911' and Longs Peak 14,255'  Sepia Image

Welcome to Life and Photography in Boulder County.

Hello and thanks for viewing my blog.  I am not much of a writer so this blog will be mostly images.  It is very hard to type on a laptop that is missing letters.  Well it ‘s not really but for some reason it eems  hat way….

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