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The white and lavender Columbine, Aquilegia caerules, ( this is the Red) was adopted as the official state flower on April 4, 1899 by an act of the General Assembly. In 1925, the General Assembly made it the duty of all citizens to protect this rare species from needless destruction or waste. To further protect this fragile flower, the law prohibits digging or uprooting the flower on public lands and limits the gathering of buds, blossoms and stems to 25 in one day. It is unlawful to pick the columbine on private land without consent of the land owner. Citation: Senate Bill 261, 1899, Bill, 1925; Colorado Revised Statutes 24-80-905 through 24-80-908.

Red Columbine Flower Close-up


Cloud Chasing…

Cloud Chasing

Cloud Chasing


Clouds on the foothills

Clouds on the foothills

Boulder County  is such and incredible place.  When I woke up early on Sunday morning it was cloudy and rainy morning.  And then the clouds started to lift but they stayed low for a little while.  So I decided to go cloud chasing in the foothills.  It is really fun when you can drive into a cloud.  No such luck here but I did get some images o the clouds hanging on the hills.



Pitbull Puppy

Here is a cute Pitbull Puppy I photographed this week.  I made some funny noises and she gave me the classic tilt of the head look.  Dogs have really become my favorite subjects.  Funny I used to specialize in Horses and here I am back with animals.  Dogs are sooo cute not that horses aren’t.  This is  great way to remember them when they are gone.  Wish they could live forever.  My childhood dog lived to be 16.  Well here’s the puppy.  Hope you like.  If you would like a portrait of your dog like this… Call Me at 303-834-2524  or visit for more information.



Tulips Day 3

Tulips Day 4

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