Boulder County Colorado Lightning Storm 07.20.09

Boulder County Colorado Lightning Storm 07.20.09 11:15pm 15 sec f4.9. Monday July 20th, 2009… so here it is about 9:30pm and I start to see the flashes out the window calling my name. I am so happy cause it is hitting south of me for the first time in a while. So I take off on my route that has two shots I am working on. I pull over to the location of my shots and sit and watch as the rain comes down in buckets. No Such luck. It was not hitting where I wanted it to plus a lot of in the cloud action. So I took off and headed west to HWY 36. Between Lyons and Boulder. I have a couple locations here but again not hitting in the right place. It is hitting just east of Boulder. So next I decided to go up into the hills to get a shot of the Boulder City Lights and Lightning. Went up Lee Hill road, turn out to be the wrong road and should have got on Stage Coach road. ( hey it was dark I got confused πŸ˜‰ Stagecoach has two great over looks to the City lights looking out east from the mountains. But lucky me it was not hitting in the right place of those valley windows to the lights. Maybe if I hadn’t lost some time It was here earlier. So back down I go. It is still a lot of in the cloud to cloud action with a bolt coming out now and then. SO back to HWY 36. Just north of Boulder I found a spot. Looking out east to Lafayette and Louisville. It was very rainy and windy at times. These images are not the sharpest because of it. I normally would put these to the bottom of the pile and maybe come back to these in a few years and they might look better to me πŸ˜‰ Loving chasing lightning in Boulder County and Beyond. Hope you like these two images from this shoot. I didn’t want to come up empty handed. Striking Photography by Bo Insogna,Lightning and Nature Print Gallery:

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