Lightning ThunderStorm 07.28.09

Tuesday July 28th 2009. Stormy clouds in the afternoon air. Will this be the day? Left the house a little after 8:00pm. Went to my spot my the lake. For the first time it started hitting just south of Mt Meeker in the foothills. Thought this could be the day I get the shot I have been working on. This is my 2nd year trying to get my dream shot. Trying to get the twin peaks with some great Lightning action. So I took off for one of my other spots closest the the peaks. Hoping it would go north but it went out east. It sem to always be behind a ridge or would ot come out of th clouds. So I did a loop to 36 and then down nelson road to another shot. First I shot south east. Then went further down but it was not hitting in the right place. So I headed south on 59th ave hoping for an image I have in my mind for a great shot by Boulder Res. But not such luck. Shot for a little while but it was all in the clouds and just over the ridge. I only sow bolts hit the ground a few times. Got stuck in the rain a few time and did not come up with worthy Image for me.

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