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Golden Branches In The Snow

Golden Branches In The Snow

Golden Branches In The Snow.  Very large cottonwood trees covered in the snow with the sun shining through the branches with golden rays of light.  A beautiful Colorado Winter day in Boulder County, Colorado.  Prints Online: Golden Branches In The Snow
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Winter Wonderland and More on the Way

Walking the Dog in a Winter Wonderland

A foot of snow dumped over two days in Boulder County, Colorado.  A winter wonderland public park scenic view and a lady on a  morning walking of the dog.   More cold and snow on the way.  They said it was going to be an active winter and I guess they were right.   It is great for the mountains will help keep the wild fires in check in the spring and great for our ski resorts.  There has been some killer skiing with fresh powder almost daily.  So here in Colorado we think snow because it it great for everything.   For me the perfect winter is when the snow stays high in the mountains and we get 50 to 70 and sunshine down below.  We get them from time to time.

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