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Colorado Indian Peaks Wilderness Milky Way Panorama

Colorado Indian Peaks Wilderness Milky Way Panoram Art


A very large panorama view of the Milky Way over the Colorado Rocky Mountains front range, view to the west on the left of the Indian Peaks over Brainard Lake  and to the northeast on the right getting some cloud city lights reflection from Boulder Colorado.  This is my most favorite place in the world and one of the reasons I love Colorado and Boulder County so much.

It also has so many memories for me dating back to the late 70’s early 80’s. My few day there could not have been better.  It was like my father and sister were above in the heavens helping me out.  The only camping spot I  could get was the number 13, that is my sisters number, and it always comes  up in our family.  Lucky 13. There were a couple Bull Mosses bedded behind  me about 10 feet as I was taking this.  Pretty amazing and spooky at the same time.

Hope you enjoy this image as much as I did staying up all night  long to capture. This is a large 27 portrait images stitched and cropped panorama.  The 2nd panorama in this series.  This one is a little wider view.

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