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Lightning Striking Longs Peak Foothills 4C Art Print

Lightning Striking Longs Peak Foothills 4


Lightning bolts, cloud to ground striking the front range foothills of the Colorado Rocky Mountains in north Boulder County.  A view of the Twin Peaks, Mount Meeker 13,911 ft. and Longs Peak 14,256 ft. in the distance.

This storm came in fast about 8:30 pm, one thing I have learned about Colorado Lightning storms in the springtime… they come in fast, leave the same way and do not last long.  For me as soon as I saw some flashed in the sky, out the door and landed where I could to get a composition view of Longs Peak. As I was set up shooting a farmer showed up to deliver 8 boxes of live bees, he told me hopefully it will all go well. Lucky for me it did.

The Lightning was all over in less than twenty minutes.  It moved north but died out.  Looking forward to the warmer weather when the lightning in the storm last a little longer.  There are 8 Lightning images in the series. This is number four. Here are my settings for this Lightning session. ISO 100 – 20sec – f5.6 – 28mm.




This is a layered of 4  images equal to an 80 sec exposure. Hope you enjoy them.  Fine art Colorado nature landscape lightning photography prints, decorative canvas prints, acrylic prints and stock images by By James Bo Insogna (C) 2012 – All Rights Reserved.


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