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Spring Lightning Thunderstorms Time Lapse Video

Colorado thunderstorms kick up in the afternoon and as we go into the evening the lightning starts, here is a short time lapse.   One of the things I love about Colorado is the weather.  Of course it depends on where you live.  We live just a few miles from the foothills of the Colorado Rocky Mountains and the weather is much different  just 30 minutes up the Canyons.  Most of the time we are in sunshine while  it is snowing up in the mountains.   Of course people hear snow in Colorado and really don’t realize it is always snowing up in the high country.  Not that we don’t get our share… but the best part… it is gone quickly.

Summers are the best here.  A typical summer day starts with clear blue skies in the morning and by 1:00 pm in the afternoon the storms start to roll in.   Then we get some afternoon showers that cool things down just in time for a beautiful sunset.   The further east you go from the foothills the storms get a little more active and the lightning strikes start.  But as they always say…” if you don’t like the weather here… just wait ten minutes”.

Hope you enjoy this time lapse.  This is my 28th year catching lightning.  It really starts to take over my life in the spring and summer.  I was starting to get a little crazy cause this is the first real lightning storm I have caught this year,  So the fun begins….


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