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Rollinsville Colorado Afternoon Lightning Thunderstorm Time Lapse


Afternoon thunderstorms roll in to the high elevation in the Colorado Rocky Mountains almost on a daily basis in the late spring into summer. Lightning strikes once or twice and  also moves in and out pretty fast. Mostly in the early or late afternoon time of day. It is vary hard to catch a still shot without a lightning trigger.  At this time I do not use one nor have I ever used one.  This is the first image that I have caught lightning in the high elevation of the mountains. Watch the storm tracking and really though this was a good chance and it happened according to plan.  It only took me 8 years but it finally worked out.

4:00pm, June 13th, 2015.  This date and the number thirteen is a lucky number in our family because it is my sisters Kathie’s birthday. She passed away a few years ago so I can only think she had something to do with this image. Happy Birthday Kathie!

This is a view of lightning striking over the very small rustic town of Rollinsville Colorado, Gilpin County.  The snow covered continental divide is right below the lightning bolts.  The red building is the famous Stage Stop.

A day in the life of a storm catcher, http://www.TheLightningMan.com

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