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Lafayette Days Photo Shoot.

What a beautiful weekend it was.  We had a booth at Lafayette days.  Right next to the Chris Daniels band.  I have to tell you what a great day.  The weather and the music was incredible.  It was amazing to see people run to the tent to start dancing.  Chris Daniels has been around over 25 years.  I remember catching him at the walrus and Jose Muldoons back in the day.  At our booth was all friends.  Mary Ellis, an incredible realtor, Made in the shade Landscaping and me, .  We were shooting free facebook photo’s.  It was so much fun.  Here are a couple of the images.  Enjoy.






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A Couple New Composites

One thing I love doing is playing with composites.  Don’t get me wrong,  I love getting the real deal, but some of the best Images our there are composites.  Here are two of my new ones or Boulder County.  These will be  available on line at or you will be able to find these at Art Mart on the Boulder Pearl Street Mall.


Hope you like.  Comments welcome.


Thunderstorm on the sunflower horizon

America the Beautiful


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More Images from The 5th


Lightning Storm 08.05.09Lightning Thunderstorm  08.05.09

Lightning ThunderStorm 08.05.09
Americans are twice as likely to die from lightning than from a hurricane, tornado or flood.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) estimates there are 200 deaths and 750 severe injuries from lightning each year in the U.S.

20% of all lightning victims die from the strike.

70% of survivors will suffer serious long-term effects.

Annually, there are more than 10,000 forest fires caused by lightning.



Storm 08.05.09

Lightning Mother Nature’s Fireworks

Sunday Longmont Times Call Newspaper. ( 08.09.09) I made the front page of the Life Section.

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Lightning Storm 08.05.09 Thanks DAD!

Wednesday August 5th 8:30pm. WOW what an incredible night.  Lightning started hitting south of the Boulder County Fairgrounds where the County fair is going on.  So now I get this  amazing image in my head of the Lights from the rides and Lightning bolts in the background.  By the time I get there it stops hitting.  So I started photographing the County fair.  And then I get another image in my head the full moon with one of the rides.  And when I get it lined up the clouds cover the moon never to be seen again.  Bummer!
Then it happened.  It started hitting the front range… it may have even hit Meeker and Longs Peak.  Something I have never seen since I have been shooting here.   It was tough getting out of there and to a good location.  So I bee lined it to Airport road.  Had to act quick. My first spot was at Silver Creek high school just to try and get a shot of the peaks.  But this location was not good enough… so I went to my old stand by at McIntosh Lake.  Time was of the essence.  It was really smacking the front range pretty good.  Probably the best I have seen here in Colorado hitting the front range maybe even the divide.  It was really hard to tell.  But  at my spot,  I was shooting toward the twin peaks trying to get my dream shot I have been working on.  Some really amazing bolts.  Some of the best yet this year. I will let you be the judge.  It was tough holding it together because of being excited and trying to get set up before it goes away.
 And I have to tell you this years storms have been incredible, and for me I some how I believe it is my father up above helping me out.  And I have felt that way all summer long while chasing storms.  And everytime I would nail one I would say ” Thanks Dad!”  And tonight was definitely the best I have seen. 
And tonight… is one year to the day my father passed away….  Thanks DAD!
Lightning Storm 08.05.09
Lightning Blues
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Boulder County Lightning Storm 07.28.09

  Boulder County, Colorado. It’s Tuesday July 28th, 2009.  Stormy thunderhead clouds in the afternoon air. Will this be the day?  Left the house a little after 8:00pm.  Went to my spot by the lake. Not really a sunset tonight.  And then for the first time it started hitting just southeast of Mt Meeker in the foothills over the first ridge.  You could not get a clear shot of it though.

Thought this could be the day I get  the shot I have been working on. This is my 2nd year trying to get my dream shot.  Trying to get the twin peaks with some great Lightning action.  It WILL happen even if takes me ten years ;-). So I took off for one of my other spots closest the the peaks.  Hoping it would go north  an start hitting in front of the peaks, but it went out east.  It seem to always be behind a ridge or would not come out of the clouds.    So I did a loop to 36 and then down Nelson road to another shot.  First I shot south east.  Then went further down to antenna mountain but it was not hitting in the right place.  So I headed  south on 59th ave hoping for an image I now have in my mind of a great shot over looking Boulder Res.  But no such luck.  The storm cell is starting to head out east and getting out of my range. Shot for a little while but it was all  clouds to cloud and just over the ridge. I only saw bolts hit the ground a few times.  Got stuck in the rain a couple times and did not come up with worthy Image. Over all it was a GREAT Chase, did not get the Shot I wanted but it is always exciting.
Here is what I got. Nothing spectacular.  Lightning Gallery



Lightning Storm 07.28.09

Lightning Storm 07.28.09


Lightning ThunderStorm 07.28.09

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East Boulder County Lightning Storm 07.20.09


Boulder County Colorado Lightning Storm 07.20.09  11:15pm   15 sec f4.9. Monday July 20th, 2009… so here it is about 9:30pm and I start to see the flashes out the window calling my name.  I am so happy cause it is hitting south of me for the first time in a while. So I take off on my route that has two shots I am working on.  I pull over to the location of my shots and sit and watch as the rain comes down in buckets.  No Such luck. It was not hitting where I wanted it to plus a lot of in the cloud action. So I took off and headed west to HWY 36.  Between Lyons and Boulder.  I have a couple locations here but again not hitting in the right place.  It is hitting just east of Boulder.  So next I decided to go up into the hills to get a shot of the Boulder City Lights and Lightning.  Went up Lee Hill road,  turn out to be the wrong road and should have got on Stage Coach road. ( hey it was dark I got confused 😉 Stagecoach  has two great over looks to the City lights looking out east from the mountains.  But lucky me it was not hitting in the right place of those valley windows to the lights.  Maybe if I hadn’t lost some time It was here earlier.  So back down I go.  It is still a lot of in the cloud to cloud action with a bolt coming out now and then.  SO back to HWY 36.  Just north of Boulder I found a spot.  Looking out east to Lafayette and Louisville.  It was very rainy and windy at times.  These images are not the sharpest because of it. I normally would put these to the bottom of the pile and maybe come back to these in a few years and they might look better to me 😉  Loving chasing lightning in Boulder County and Beyond.  Hope you like these two images from this shoot. I didn’t want to come up empty handed. I like how you see the bolt starting up high in the cloud.  Hope to get a better one of these in the future. Striking Photography by Bo Insogna,Lightning and Nature Print Gallery: 

Boulder County Colorado Lightning Storm 07.20.09


East Boulder County Lightning Storm 07.20.09

Striking Photography by Longmont Colorado Photographer Bo Insogna

Boulder County Lightning Storm 07.19.09

This is in North East Boulder County Colorado Rt 287.  Buy Prints in all sizes.  Great for your home office of as a gift.   Print Gallery:

NE Boulder County CO Lightning 07.19.09

Lightning Storm 07.19.09


Longmont Photographer Bo Insogna.  Family Photographer

Lightning Thunderstorm 07.19.09

North East Boulder County Lightning Thunderstorm  07.19.09


More Cloud to Cloud Lightning Images


Massive Cloud to Cloud Lightning

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