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Boulder County Lightning Storm 07.28.09

  Boulder County, Colorado. It’s Tuesday July 28th, 2009.  Stormy thunderhead clouds in the afternoon air. Will this be the day?  Left the house a little after 8:00pm.  Went to my spot by the lake. Not really a sunset tonight.  And then for the first time it started hitting just southeast of Mt Meeker in the foothills over the first ridge.  You could not get a clear shot of it though.

Thought this could be the day I get  the shot I have been working on. This is my 2nd year trying to get my dream shot.  Trying to get the twin peaks with some great Lightning action.  It WILL happen even if takes me ten years ;-). So I took off for one of my other spots closest the the peaks.  Hoping it would go north  an start hitting in front of the peaks, but it went out east.  It seem to always be behind a ridge or would not come out of the clouds.    So I did a loop to 36 and then down Nelson road to another shot.  First I shot south east.  Then went further down to antenna mountain but it was not hitting in the right place.  So I headed  south on 59th ave hoping for an image I now have in my mind of a great shot over looking Boulder Res.  But no such luck.  The storm cell is starting to head out east and getting out of my range. Shot for a little while but it was all  clouds to cloud and just over the ridge. I only saw bolts hit the ground a few times.  Got stuck in the rain a couple times and did not come up with worthy Image. Over all it was a GREAT Chase, did not get the Shot I wanted but it is always exciting.
Here is what I got. Nothing spectacular.  Lightning Gallery



Lightning Storm 07.28.09

Lightning Storm 07.28.09


Lightning ThunderStorm 07.28.09

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East Boulder County Lightning Storm 07.20.09


Boulder County Colorado Lightning Storm 07.20.09  11:15pm   15 sec f4.9. Monday July 20th, 2009… so here it is about 9:30pm and I start to see the flashes out the window calling my name.  I am so happy cause it is hitting south of me for the first time in a while. So I take off on my route that has two shots I am working on.  I pull over to the location of my shots and sit and watch as the rain comes down in buckets.  No Such luck. It was not hitting where I wanted it to plus a lot of in the cloud action. So I took off and headed west to HWY 36.  Between Lyons and Boulder.  I have a couple locations here but again not hitting in the right place.  It is hitting just east of Boulder.  So next I decided to go up into the hills to get a shot of the Boulder City Lights and Lightning.  Went up Lee Hill road,  turn out to be the wrong road and should have got on Stage Coach road. ( hey it was dark I got confused 😉 Stagecoach  has two great over looks to the City lights looking out east from the mountains.  But lucky me it was not hitting in the right place of those valley windows to the lights.  Maybe if I hadn’t lost some time It was here earlier.  So back down I go.  It is still a lot of in the cloud to cloud action with a bolt coming out now and then.  SO back to HWY 36.  Just north of Boulder I found a spot.  Looking out east to Lafayette and Louisville.  It was very rainy and windy at times.  These images are not the sharpest because of it. I normally would put these to the bottom of the pile and maybe come back to these in a few years and they might look better to me 😉  Loving chasing lightning in Boulder County and Beyond.  Hope you like these two images from this shoot. I didn’t want to come up empty handed. I like how you see the bolt starting up high in the cloud.  Hope to get a better one of these in the future. Striking Photography by Bo Insogna,Lightning and Nature Print Gallery: 

Boulder County Colorado Lightning Storm 07.20.09


East Boulder County Lightning Storm 07.20.09

Striking Photography by Longmont Colorado Photographer Bo Insogna

Boulder County Lightning Storm 07.19.09

This is in North East Boulder County Colorado Rt 287.  Buy Prints in all sizes.  Great for your home office of as a gift.   Print Gallery:

NE Boulder County CO Lightning 07.19.09

Lightning Storm 07.19.09


Longmont Photographer Bo Insogna.  Family Photographer

Lightning Thunderstorm 07.19.09

North East Boulder County Lightning Thunderstorm  07.19.09


More Cloud to Cloud Lightning Images


Massive Cloud to Cloud Lightning

  Print Gallery

Boulder County Lightning Storm 07.10.09

This storm started later in the evening.  Just how I  like them.  It was dinner time, for us we eat late, it was  about 8:30.  I had just got done cooking. Everypne was having something different. We were just about to sit down and it started.  So as I have done many times… I looked at my wife and son and said ” I got to go”  Something they are used too hearing when the first sound of thunder hits.  So I went to north east Boulder County just north of Longmont to one of my favorite lakes.  It was cloud to cloud lightning.  Thunder heads were lighting up but the bolts would never appear.  If they had… it would have been one of my best nights.  It lasted for a long time.  Very beautiful and hard to capture the true beauty on film.


Cloud to CLoud Lightning


Cloud to CLoud Lightning Black and white image

The Fourth

Fireworks over Golden Ponds. Print Gallery with more images. 




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Qween of the Bulldogs

Here  a photo I did for a client  of Murray Qween of the English Bulldogs.  More Photo’s on   Enjoy.

Murray King of the English Bulldogs

This Bud’s for you!

So it’s Monday June 22nd, 9:30 at night and I am thinking there will be no storms tonight YEA, I need a break and boom another one comes in fast and furious.  How many so far???

 I have to tell you this was one of the scariest storms I have ever chased.  Flashes of lightning in the clouds hitting in ALL directions.  You could not tell where the bolts were going to strike.  Now that’s very dangerous.  This storm really scared me. There were times I would not even get out of the SUV.  I chased this storm all over Boulder County open space looking for something interesting to photograph with the storm in the right position.  Not always easy. It was heading North.  This storm was so amazing and one of the only storms I have ever chased in 20 years like it.  I was able to stay with this storm and it seemed we were traveling at the same speed.  
My location was always right off the middle in the rain.  So north we went…. looking for something good.  Seemed I was always by houses and not the subjects I was looking for.  And when I did find something, the storm was not in the right position. Went through Berthoud…. then Loveland…. then Fort Collins… and then… it happened.  I was finally out of residential areas and in wide open space and there it was…  The Budweiser plant, all lit up and ready for me. And I have to tell you it was crazy. Flashes in all directions and very dangerous.  When I first started shooting I would hit my shutter button and then sit in the back of the SUV with my feet off the ground.  ( Fact:” Rubber shoes will not give you any meaningful protection from lightning.”  So I am guessing my official Lightning shoes, crocs will not give “Meaningful “protection.  Better than spikes 😉 That went on for a while. It got less threatening after a little time and I could relax without as much worry. The stormed hung in there till a little after midnight before heading into Wyoming.  I almost kept going and I did for a little while but it was time to call it a night.   Print Gallery:
Budweiser Storm

Country Lightning

Last night was another night of chasing Lightning storms.  It is crazy trying to get to a good location before the storm moves on.  I have a few shots/Locations  that I am working on.  Hoping to pull them out before summer is over.  Here is an Image from last nights storm.  It was one of the first shots I took and then… did not get much after that besides soaking wet!

I did an Interview with the Daily Camera too.  Look for some images in the paper.  Every day I pinch myself cause I can not believe I live here.  What an incredible place Boulder County is!!!

Here is a link to the Gallery: 

Country  Lightning

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