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Colorado Burning Sunset View 7-27-2016

Longmont Colorado McIntosh Lake the view of a burning sunset with wildfire smoke in the air.

Medicine Bow Snowy Mountain Range Wyoming Lake View Video

Scenic lake view of the Medicine Bow Mountain Range in Wyoming west of Laramie. High elevations, peaks and lakes dominate the southern and northern reaches of the range, with lower, forested ridges being the mainstay in between.

On the western fringes of the central portion of the range, the North Platte River cuts a deep, narrow, canyon over 20 miles long. The range features 18 peaks over 11,000 feet and includes 9 over 12,000 feet, with 12,951 ft. Clark Peak being the highest.

Please Check out some of the NEW fine art nature images from this photo shoot in the iGallery at 

Music by Media productions
Video by James Bo insogna (C) all rights reserved.

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Chasing Lightning Rainbows and Unicorns Video

As always all eyes are on the sky chasing lightning bolts, rainbows and unicorns yesterday. Still waiting for our first lightning shot of the season, staying local, but may have to take a drive east.   Any way, we found a rainbow to chase. Video 4:30 version.


Fine art  nature landscape prints and stock images by James Bo Insogna (C) – All Rights Reserved.

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Eyes On The Sky Spring Storms vBlog

Spring is here and storm season has arrived. Catching local, waiting and a hoping…

vBlog – Bo Insogna, Time lapse of storms coming in over the Colorado Rockies and heading east where the real action is right now.

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Waking up In Bryce Canyon Utah vBlog Video

After leaving Scottsdale Arizona on my road trip, I headed to Bryce Canyon National Park.  What a great drive it was. Nothing like waking up and catching a beautiful sunrise after a great night of astrophotography.

Really wanted to get a hoodoos with the sky, after getting there in the pitch black new moon night, it was hard to find a great location.  So I settled for some cool trees instead of falling off a cliff 🙂

Please check out some of the new images in the iGallery from this trip –


Fine art nature landscape   images by James Bo Insogna (C)   – All Rights Reserved.


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Morning in Great Colorado Sand Dunes vBlog

Drove down to the Great Colorado Sand Dunes, got there in the dark and spent the night. Woke up and got to have a little morning fun shooting pics as we head west and down south to Scottsdale Arizona. Check out some of the new images in the iGallery from this shoot.


The above video is a view zoomed through a 400mm lens.  Big lens that caught a little of the wind causing camera shake.

Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve is a United States National Park located in the San Luis Valley, in the easternmost parts of Alamosa County and Saguache County, Colorado, United States. Originally created as Great Sand Dunes National Monument on March 17, 1932, Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve was established by an act of the United States Congress on September 13, 2004. The park includes 44,246 acres, and the preserve protects an additional 41,686 acres.

The park contains the tallest sand dunes in North America, rising about 750 feet (230 m) from the floor of the San Luis Valley on the western base of the Sangre de Cristo Range, covering about 19,000 acres (7,700 ha). Researchers say that the dunes started forming less than 440,000 years ago.

The dunes were formed from sand and soil deposits of the Rio Grande and its tributaries, flowing through the San Luis Valley. Over the ages, glaciers feeding the river and the vast lake that existed upon the valley melted, and the waters evaporated. Westerly winds picked up sand particles from the lake and river flood plain. As the wind lost power before crossing the Sangre de Cristo Range, the sand was deposited on the east edge of the valley. This process continues, and the dunes are slowly growing. The wind changes the shape of the dunes daily.    Source Wiki

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Colorado April Fresh Dusting Of Snow Video Blog

Fresh spring dusting of snow with great weather following and lots of sunshine.  Springtime in Colorado. Nothing like it! Longmont Colorado, Boulder County. It is really nice when it snows but doesn’t stick to the roads and is all melted by afternoon.

vBlog a day in the life of a storm catcher, photographer Bo Insogna,


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Hanging Out in a Colorado Canyon vBlog

Hanging out in the south St Vrain Canyon, shooting the canyon, creek and water falls. Another beautiful day in Boulder County, Colorado.


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