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Smiling Palomino in the Snow

Smiling Palomino in the Snow

Love this view of this beautiful smiling Palomino horse in the snow.  A Palomino is not a horse breed, but a color of horse.  Palominos can be any type of breed and can be registered in that particular breeds registry.  However, every Palomino that is registered with the Palomino Horse Breeders of America must have the Palomino colors and must stand 14 to 17 hands tall.  In order to be registered they can only have white on them below the knee or on their face.  Prints available online – Smiling Palomino in the Snow

The Palomino gains its name from the Royal family in Spain, Palomina. Horses with Palomino coloring have been very popular throughout history. Cortes brought a number of Queen Isabella’s Palominos with him to America in 1519. Some of these, or their offspring, eventually escaped and contributed to the Palomino coloring once common in Mustangs. Although Palominos are found in many different breeds, about 50 percent are registered Quarter horses.

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