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Lightning Striking By The Train Tracks


Lightning Striking By The Train Tracks

A late afternoon thunderstorms came rolling in fast and I was Lucky enough to catch this lightning bolt striking next to the railroad tracks.  Boulder County Colorado.

This is a day time shot without a lightning trigger.  Yes it can be done.  : ) ISO 400 – 1/400 sec – f3.5 – 28mm

Custom prints available online of Lightning Striking By The Train Tracks

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The Praying Monk Lightning Strike

The Praying Monk Lightning Strike - James Bo Insogna

The Praying Monk  is a rock formation on the side of the famous Camelback mountain that sits in between Phoenix and Scottsdale Arizona.  From the first time I saw this I was always fascinated with it and thought It would make a great spiritual shot with lightning striking. This is a shot that I worked on for three years to get. This is the real deal.  I can not tell you how many times I went to my spot on the top side of this mountain and got nothing.  Read the rest of this entry

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