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Psychedelic Dandelion Art

Psychedelic Dandelion Art Prints


And now for something completely different,  Psychedelic Dandelion Art. Hope you like!


Psychedelic Dandelion Art Print


Psychedelic Dandelion Art Print – Custom Order Here


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Pumpkin Pumpkin

Pumpkin Pumpkin

Pumpkin pumpkin  close up and personal. Pumpkins are one of my favorite plants in the garden. They really complete the fall harvest. This year we put too many seeds in the garden and ended up with only a couple small ones.  Then this plant showed up in the front yard and was amazing to watch how big it got from one seed and plant.  We always carve and and cook the seeds on Halloween and our Fall is super complete!  Loved the way this pumpkin looked.   Hope you enjoy this pumpkin close up abstract fine art.

Pumpkin Pumpkin Black and White

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