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A Couple New Composites

One thing I love doing is playing with composites.  Don’t get me wrong,  I love getting the real deal, but some of the best Images our there are composites.  Here are two of my new ones or Boulder County.  These will be  available on line at or you will be able to find these at Art Mart on the Boulder Pearl Street Mall.


Hope you like.  Comments welcome.


Thunderstorm on the sunflower horizon

America the Beautiful


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Sunflower Lightning Thunderstorm 08.16.09

Sunday Aug 16th, 2009 Boulder County Colorado.  Storms have been brewing all day long.   Things are starting to look good for a nice sunset too. So at 7:30pm I took off to maybe get a good sunset over the AMAZING sunflower fields on Rt 52 and 95th street.  Well no sunset but the storm really started to kick up.  This is an shot over the sunflower fields to the north east.
Lightning Sunflower field
Lightning Thunderstorm 08.16.09
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