Celestial Stellar Dark Universe

A scenic landscape view into the night sky with the silhouette of forest trees looking into the stellar galaxy celestial starfields and universe. This was taken in Bryce Canyon, Utah.

Bryce Canyon is on the southwest part of Utah.   There is a back-road Rt 12 that is a scenic route that connects east and west.  It’s an AMAZING drive.  At one point you are in pine forest like Colorado, the next you are on the Moon… or Mars for that matter.  Mountains and desert and a whole lot more.  If you have never been to Utah, PLEASE put it on your list, you will be happy you did.

Moab is on the southeast  part of the state  and is only about 6 hours away from Boulder County, Colorado, there is a lot of incredible scenery to cover there for a photographer.   Dream come true for me would be to catch some lightning storms.  If you are a four wheeler this area is a Dream come true for you.  Utah is very camping friendly.  there are great inexpensive mom and pop motels all over the place. Every body is friendly too.  Looking forward to the next trip, because there is not place like it on earth. 🙂

This image is a color unsaturated version,  taken with a Canon 6D – Settings – ISO 6400 – 28mm – f3.5 – 25 sec.


Celestial Stellar Dark Universe Art Print

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Fine art nature landscape astophotography  and stock images by James Bo Insogna (C) – All Rights Reserved.


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About BoulderCountyPhotographer

James "Bo" Insogna was Born and raised in Pittsburgh PA. He studied with the New York Institute of Photography. He Started his photography career 1984. He opened a studio in Boulder, Colorado downtown on the Boulder mall. Shooting for local newspapers, magazines, Skiing, Bicycling, models portfolios and some commercial work. In 1987 the economy got bad in Boulder so he decided to make a move to Scottsdale Arizona. Once in Arizona, He became a staff photographer for the Phoenician Arabian Horse Magazine doing the covers, inside lay outs and a two page spread called Bo Trek. In the late 1980's - 1990's he was a respected member of the Arabian Horse Community in Arizona, chosen to photograph champions, riders, trainers and owners. From the first Arizona lightning monsoon season, Bo very quickly became a Lightning Storm Chaser. Striking-Photography.com, www.ArizonaLightning.com and aka www.TheLightningMan.com was born. A very fun, exciting and dangerous job! Since 1987 he has spent many years pursuing elusive lightning storms spanning miles of natural desert. It takes great dedication, courage and desire to grip a metal camera upon a metal tripod astride mountain peaks with lightning crashing mere paces away. His prints reflect the courage and passion he feels for his art. He has been featured on television and in print. In 1991 The VVA honored him by choosing his Photograph "Operation Desert Storm" as the official print of the Arizona Desert Storm Memorial Fund. The men and the flag represent the "Operation" and the Victory and Liberation of Kuwait. The Saguaro represents the "Desert" and the men and women who served in the Gulf. The Lightning represents the "Storm" and the Air War with swift, precise strikes. Twenty years after leaving Boulder, Bo decided to relocate his family back in Colorado. He settled in Boulder County. Lovin Life in Boulder County! Facebook Twitter G+ Bo featured on ABC News TV 15 Bo featured on TV 3

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